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Hotel Golden Tulip Accra


Experience a world class 4-star service at the Golden Tulip Accra. Our large Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts and well equipped gym are perfectly designed to make your workout pleasurable.

Swimming Pool

Welcome to our "OOL".. Indulge in a refreshing splash at the Hotel. When your body gets tired, relax and sip on a chilled juice. The pool at Golden Tulip Accra is just perfect for you. It's OOL time. Notice there is no "P" on it, may be a "C'". Lets keep it that way. It's conventional wisdom.

Tennis and Swimming Pool

Game is on, watch it as in bounces and with every drop of sweat and stroke of precision, play it hard. A missed service, a balanced reaction, let the racket do the talking. And when you have a set back, get back and make it better. It's a game of tennis, make a difference with that one last service. It's not over, wash down and cool off in the Swiming Pool.

Tennis court

Play at the tennis lovers arena of the Hotel. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, make it count. Play to enjoy.

Fitness Centre

Sweat, smile and get in shape. Whether you love it brisk or lifting hard, our gym is your sanctuary. It's a basic routine. Crunch, curl and repeat. No limits! Play while you work and work while you play. The best things in life are free, so is our WIFI.

Kids Play Ground

Kids love to play! Bring them over and let's get dirty. Discover the special Kids Menu and let's continue with the fun.